Akasha operates at 4 locations at the moment, all within California. There are plans for expanding our business in the future, but we haven’t made any concrete decisions just yet about that. Each branch of our company is capable of handling even the most demanding of cases. Our staff is highly trained in the Akasha practices and you are in good hands, no matter which office it is that you choose.

Akasha Space HQ

Akasha Space Ltd.
2064 Quiet Valley Lane
Van Nuys, CA 91405
Head of operations: Alexa Banks

Ahasha Space HQ is located in 2064 Quite Valley Lane, in Van Nuys. That’s where me and my wife spend most of our time. From time to time we’ll visit our other branches, to help out or just to see if everything runs smoothly, but most of the time our offices works independently from one another.

Akasha Space Newport Beach

4895 Elk Street
Newport Beach
CA 92660
Head of operations: Michele Hendrix

Newport is actually our biggest office and is because of that headed by our lead Akasha specialist, Michele Hendrix. She has 3 Akasha instructors working with her and you can visit the office at the address above. Being one with nature has never been closer with Akasha Space.

Akasha Space Irwine
2439 Sunny Day Drive
Irvine, CA 92614
Head of operations: Thomas Martin

Tom is a senior Akasha specialist and instructor with over 7 years of experience. He leads our Irwine office, which is actually the youngest office that we have, having been open for little over 3 years now, back in 2015. Many of our clients are saying great things about Tom and hist team, so if you are in or around Irwine and you have problems in life, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Akasha Space Woodland Hills
756 Oakway Lane
Woodland Hills, CA 91303
Head of operations: George Saylor

George is actually a former Akasha Space student, who graduated from our school with honors and has decided to stay on as an instructor in our Woodland Hills office. We are very lucky to have him. George is very calm, good listener and he gives great advice. Don’t hesitate to come to him and his team if you need help in life.